Maria Wojtyszko: Stolen Language (Język obcy)

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What Language Does Europe Speak?

The X10 Theatre's all-year project Stolen Language is to come to its peak on Sunday 19th November 2017 by Maria Wojtyszko' s play Foreign Language directed by Jakub Krofta, the artistic director of the Theatre Lalek in Wroclaw, who came back to Prague after five years.

In her play written for the X10 Theatre, Maria Wojtyszko mirrors the life emotions and experience of the tricenerians. The autobiographical overtones in the story of a scriptwriter who wastes her time at international workshops while her life is going into pieces underline the hyperbolic and self-ironizing archetypes. The scriptwriter's relationships with the real people mix up with those with from her scripts. The stories blend and meddle in extreme extents. Will she manage to get through to herself? Will she be able to admit the existence of real life? And why, anyway? Will her best work be the Story of a Happy Kitten? She lives in Central Europe full of religious fanatics, anarchists, fascists, real politicians and flegmatic waiters. Is it even possible to live in such Europe? Shall we write stories or print out leaflets? Are words powerful enough to influence reality? Is languge a weapon? Are we to understand each other?

Maria Wojtyszko, an author of multiple dramas and a scriptwriter, is one of the most outstanding personas of her generation in Poland. She graduated in antropology at the University of Warsaw, scriptwriting at the Film Academy in Lodz and she also graduated from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. Her recurring theme is an in-depth analysis of the woman´s perspective in today´s world. Her play The Womb caused a scandal after it was premiered in Poland in 2006. Later it won a prestigious award of the Teatr Stary and The Dialog magazine. Its staging at The teatr Stefan Zeromski in Kielce was awarded by the Dzika Roza Award for the most successful drama of the season. The play has also been staged internationally: by The Brett Theatre in Vienna and by The LOfft Thetare in Leipzig. The staging of Sam or Preparation to Live in a Family directed by Jakub Krofta was the event of the season and among others it received the Grand Prix for he best Polish drama of 2014. The Jakub Krofta´s direction of Pieklo – Niebo also stirred the atmosphere and secured itself the finale at Gdynia Dramaturgical Awards for the best drama of the 2016-17 season at Ogólnopolskim Konkursie na Wystawienie Polskiej sztuki Współczesnej. Maria Wojtyszko has been a dramaturgist at The Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw since 2012 and along with the artistic director Jakub Krofta has proved herself to be one of the most incredible participant in the Polish theatre scene.

Jakub Krofta, after graduating from DAMU worked as a director and later as an artistic director at The Divadlo Drak where he worked on original plays combining puppet, jesters theatre and music theatre to promote the distinct poetic aspect of such an outstanding Czech theatre. Apart from those, he has worked as a director and lecturer in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia and Poland. In 2012 he became an artistic director of The Lalek Thatre in Wroclaw. After the start of a cooperation with Maria Wojtyszko he made The Lalek Theatre one of the most important and most visited theatres in Poland focusing on the youth.

In this year´s inquiry of the Teatr magazine which is the counterpart to the Czech Divadelní Noviny, the WTL received incredible 24 nominations including the best theatre and best staging category and became the the highest rated theatre along with The Narodowy Stary Teatr in Krakow and the Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw.

Jakub Krofta as a director has also been working in Wroclaw and at various theatres in Poland – apart from others, he works at the Warsaw Teatr Dramatyczny. All the theatres share the theme of initiation and adolescence. Hosting Jakub Krofta at The X10 Theatre is his first direction in five years.

The Stolen Language Project takes place throughout the year 2017 in cooperation with the Slovakian S.T.O.K.A. Theatre, the Hungarian Ragnar Theatre and the Silesian Theatre in Katowice. The first version of the play Foreign Language was firstly performed as a stage reading in Slovakia and Hungary followed by stage readings upon which Maria Wojtyszko developed the play. The stage reading in Katowice will take place on the same day as the public rehearsal in Prague. It is a unique Reading with Audience project in which the audience become actors. The X10 Theatre and the Silesian Theatre will be connected via social networks. The Polish audience will be presented the Czech staging on December 12th 2017.

18th november at 5:00 pm Teatr Śląski

Artur Pałyga, a dramaturgist of the Teatr Ślaski, created the idea of the new theatre gatherings in which the audience become actors. Once a month, at the Malarnia Café - one of the Teatr Ślaski’s stages - audience and actors meet up to read a chosen drama without any previous rehearsals. The drama is always the one to be premiered soon. On November 18th 2017, it will be a Maria Wojtyszko’s play Stolen Language which was written for the Prague-based The X10 Theatre within the Visegrad Fund Project as well as a public rehearsal of the same play, which will be provided to the Polish audience through modern technologies. The Teatr Ślaski will host The X10 Theatre on their stage in Galeria where the Polish premiere of The X10 under Jakub Krofta´s direction will be performed.

​The Stoka Theatre
Scenic reading of a theatre play by a Polish author
13th June 2017 ​at 7PM ​ at The Stoka Theatre, Košická 37

Michaela Halcinová, Martin Kollár, Lenka Libjaková, Braňo Mosný, Tomáš Pokorný, Peter Tilajčík
Marek Godovič
Anna Grusková
Blaho Uhlár
Ľudmila Kružliaková

What are languages for? Do we speak to understand each other or to hide something? Can words drive us mad or can they heal us? Which words sell theatre plays well and which can actually make them unsuccessful? You will not find answers to any of these questions in the play since plays are not offer answers but to ask questions. Stolen Language is a drama about the world in which there is no truth. It is a story about Central Europe. ​

Press releases

Performance in Katowice (CZ)
Scenic Reading in Bratislava (CZ, SK)
Stolen Language at a missile launch facility (CZ)


13th June 2017 | scenic reading | Bratislava | Slovakia
Theatre S.T.O.K.A
Director Blahoslav Uhlár

2nd September 2017 | scenic reading | Zsámbék | Hungary
Theatre Ragnar - Y.EAST Festival
Director Lucie Orbók

20th November | Premiere | Prague| Czech Republic
Theatre X10
Director Jakub Krofta

5th December | Premiere in Poland | Katowice | Poland
Theatre X10 in cooperation with Silesian Theare
Director Jakub Krofta


Jakub Krofta (theatre director, art director in Theatre Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw)

Postgraduate theatre directing at Theatre Academy (DAMU) in Prague at Departament of Alternative and Puppet Theatre . Theatre director, dramaturgist and pedagogue. Former artistic director of theatre Drak in Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic. Since 2012 artistic director of theatre Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw in Poland. He worked on theatre projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Austria, Denmark and Finland. He had internships in US, Great Britain, Sweden and France.

Maria Wojtyszko (playwriter)

Selected by Divadlo X10 and director. She studied cultural studies at the Warsaw University, screenwriting at the Film School in Lodz and film directing at the at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. She is the author of several screenplays for television serials, feature films and the theatre plays. In 2006 she won the the national local prize of Starého divadla a divadelního měsíčníku Dialog. The. She works as well on theatre adaptations. Currently she works as a dramaturgist in Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw.

Jan Štěpánek (scenographer, costume designer and pedagogue)

Cooperates regularly with leading Czech directors and theaters.


Bio Masha (singer, scenographer, actress and performer)

She studied stage design at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She takes part of several musical projects. With Ludek Kazda co-creates duo Love Debbi. In Theatre X10 she works not only as an actress but also as a singer, musician and videoperformer.

Anna Císařovská

She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts. She is the co-founder and main actress in the Theatre X10. She leads Theatre studio for children Strašilka, moreover she prepares theatre productions for children.

Jakub Gottwald

Graduated from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, devoted especially to independent theatre projects, he is a member of Long Vehicle Circus. He collaborates with MeetFactory, Chemical Theater, VOSTO5, Theatre ALTA, but he has also appeared in classical theaters - the National Theatre Brno, Czech Budejovice South Bohemian Theatre, National Theatre New Stage. Theatre X10 works with Jakub Gottwald for a long period of time.

Šimon Krupa

He studied acting in Academy of Performing Arts - Department of Alternative Theatre. He works for Theatre X10 from the beginning. He cooperates with the theatre group Tygr v tísni in Vila Štvanice. He is a co-founder of the Chemical Theatre, employed as an actor in Ostrava Theatre Arena.

Michal Sieczkowski

He graduated from the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. From 2001 to 2003 he was an internee of the Open Society Fund and host student at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. From 2003 to 2012 he worked in the Warsaw theaters as Rozmaitości, Dramatyczny, Polonia and Teatr Polski, where he worked with leading Polish directors - as Krystian Lupa, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Andrzej Seweryn and Krystyna Janda. He participates frequently in international theater productions. From 2010 to 2013 he held the position as a art theater director secretary in Teatr Polski in Warsaw, where he also directed. Since 2004, he is a the chairperson of the Arteria Art Foundation, which he co-founded and which is dedicated to the promotion of socio-cultural activities and production of international theater projects. Its flagship projects include the largest Asian film festival in Poland - Warsaw Film Festival CINEMA IN FIVE Flavours and theater platform aimed at promoting cooperation filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe.

Production team

Theatre X10

Lenka Kolihová (producent, dramaturgist, founder of the theatre Divadlo X10, 1st Vice-Chairman of the Association of Independent Theatres in Czech Republic)

More than 20 years she has devoted to further modern dramaturgy in the Czech stages. As a dramaturgist she worked for the reputable Czech theaters (Činoherni Studio in Ústí nad Labem, HaDivadlo, National Theatre). As a producer she founded the Theatre X10, based on ambitious repertoire of modern plays. The theatre continually works for expanding the international networking.

Kryštof Koláček (manager)

He worked - among others - as a manager of the theatre A studio Rubin in Prague and as a director assistant in the Theatre of Kladno. Since 2008 he has been a board member of A studio Rubin. Since 2014 he works as a manager of the theatre Divadlo X10.

Hana Svobodová (production manager)

She studied Theatre Theory and Czech language and literature at Masaryk University and Theatre Management at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. During studies at the college she worked at the Forman Brothers Theatre, HaDivadlo and Theatre Feste In Brno. After moving to Prague she worked as an executive production manager for the Theatre Kladno Ltd. (2013-2014). Since March 2015 she works as a production manager in the Theatre X10.


Silesian Theatre in Katowice (Poland)

Robert Talarczyk (director)

He is experienced as a director, manager, worked on many international projects. He was director of the Theatre in Bielsko-Biala (2005-2013) and since 2013 he is executive and art director in Silesia Theatre in Katowice. As a theatre director he is focusing on modern dramaturgy as well as on mythology of upper Silesia.

Artur Palyga (dramaturgist)

Artur Pałyga studied Polish Literature and Linguistics at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and completed his training as a music teacher. Afterwards, he worked as a journalist. Today, Artur Pałyga lives in Bielsko-Biała, where he is the artistic director of the Teatr Tekstu theatre, which specialises in dramatised readings. He also writes features for the Przyjaciel Pies, an illustrated magazine, as well as poems and songs. Artur Pałyga is also the editor of the college newspaper for the University of Bielsko-Biała (Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna w Bielsku-Białej) and, working with the Teatr Grodzki organisation, teaches people with disabilities. In 2005, under the title Kołchoz imienia Adama Mickiewicza (The Adam Mickiewicz collective farm), he published a collection of articles from Belarus. His play Testament Teodora Sixta (The Last Will and Testament of Teodor Sixt), premiered in 2006, won the "Play about Bielsko-Biała” competition, initiated by the Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biała. With this play, Artur Pałyga also qualified for the final of the 2007 Modern Polish Drama competition. Most recently, his Hamlet'44 has been performed in the courtyard of the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising.

Paulina Kinga Dobosz (production)

She studied journalism at Warsaw University and since 2010 she is a student of Theatre Academy ( DAMU) in Prague at Departament of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, specialisation performer. She works as production and event manager. She is a coordinator and co organizer of different theatre, dance and film festivals.

S.T.O.K.A. (Slovakia)

Blaho Uhlár (director)

Selected by Divadlo X10. One of the most controversial Slovak directors went on to become a leading personality in Slovak alternative theatre before, in 1991, setting up the first non-state funded theatre - STOKA, which means 'sewer'. The characteristics of his poetics-often the result of collaboration - can be traced already in the productions of the late 'eighties - notablyPredposledná večera (The Last But One Supper, 1989) and Téma Majakovský (The Subject is Mayakovsky, 1987; both for the Theatre for Children and Youth, Tmava). Blaho Uhlár creates authorial theatre projects with the accent on provoking audience with a political context. With the performance Neistý grunt he took part in festival The New York International Fringe Festival.

Anna Grusková (translator, dramaturgist)

Her drama Rabbi Woman about the fate of the Bratislava Jewish activist Gisi Fleischmann was staged in Slovak National Theatre and the Theatre Reon in Bologna.

Peter Tilajčík (actor)

He graduated from the Department of puppet Theatre Faculty of Performing Arts, collaborating with Uhlár in Stoka Theatre. With productions Cholstomer was invited to international puppet festival in Bialystok and the Istropolitana Project on land Arts.

Braňo Mosný (actor)

He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislav, he works with S.T.O.K.A. theatre, and from time to time with Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava.

Tomáš Pokorný (actor)

He graduated from the Department of puppet Theatre Faculty of Performing Arts, collaborating with Uhlár in Stoka Theatre. With productions Cholstomer was invited to international puppet festival in Bialystok and the Istropolitana Project on land Arts.

Michaela Halcinová (actress)

She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Actress at the Municipal Theatre Žilina since 2015. He works with DPM Theatre and the Theatre STOKA.

Lenka Libjaková (actress)

She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since then she’s been collaborating with S.T.O.K.A. Theatre.

Lýdia Petrušová (actress)

She develops her own independent projects. She was nominated for Dosky Awards in 2015.

RAGNAR (Hungary)

Lucie Orbók

Lucie Orbók (*1983) graduated in 2008 at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague as theatre director. As an artist, she directed more than 20 performances in various theatres in V4 region. Regarding cultural management, she has founded three international festivals (Csekkold! in 2012, Naostro in 2012 and Y.EAST in 2015) and produced two international visegrad theatre projects: Facing violation (project No. 21010272) and Reflecting prejudices in 2013 (No. 81200028). From 2015, I work as a director of Czech centre Budapest.